Life requires energy

and energy is restored through rest


In today’s world we are caught up in constant activity, hyper-scheduling our days, with our adrenals working overtime and our brains overloaded with information. And when we stop to relax, this often includes a screen in front of our faces.


With this modern life, stress and fatigue builds and causes our happiness to vanish, along with our ability cope with life’s challenges. We must find a way to rest and recharge quickly and integrate silence into the busyness.


Vedic Meditation is a very simple way of gaining deep rest and renewing ourselves. It enables our nervous system to recalibrate so we can respond to life with more clarity and contentment.


Vedic Meditation is not difficult, it is simple to learn and easy to schedule into our busy lives, and it soon becomes one of the most pleasurable things you will do in your day!


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Jo Amor is an independent teacher of Vedic Meditation. Not affiliated with the Maharishi Foundation, or any registered owner of a trademark to the terms 'Transcendental Meditation' or their affiliates.