Adult Course


The course runs over 3 days, for a couple of hours each day. You will practice at home between sessions and by the end of the course you will be meditating confidently on your own!

Day 1 - you will receive your own personal Mantra and be shown how to use it.

Day 2 - fine-tune your practice and establish a routine for your meditation.

Day 3 - diagram on stress release & explore the idea of consciousness expanding.

Once you have learnt Vedic Meditation, there are no ongoing costs. The course fee includes a lifetime of support with your practice, access to group meditations and the opportunity to re-sit the course any time free of charge.


If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact me to discuss further options.

Children's Course


In today's rapidly changing world, children face unique social and emotional challenges. Meditation is a great way to bring them in touch with a quietness and stability they desperately seek but can't access in the ever changing outside world. 

Between the ages of 5-15years children learn in a private format. Teens from 15 years may learn in the adult group, however they may wish to learn privately which is fine too.

A course for children takes the following format:

Day 1 – 45 min appointment where they receive their Mantra or “word of wisdom”
Day 2 – 45 min appointment to check their practice and answer any questions

Before children can be taught, at least one parent must be a Vedic Meditator to enable appropriate support and encouragement!


31 Bond St, Mosman, Sydney

Oneworld Retreats, Ubud, Bali

Jo Amor is an independent teacher of Vedic Meditation. Not affiliated with the Maharishi Foundation, or any registered owner of a trademark to the terms 'Transcendental Meditation' or their affiliates.